Laure M. Hiendl

  1. © 2021 Rasmus Bell

    © 2021 Rasmus Bell

    Laure M. Hiendl (*1986, pronouns: they/he) is a composer and curator based in Berlin. Their work is concerned with music as a spatial art, and is situated between concert music, performance, music theater, installation and other interdisciplinary realms, exploring the performativity of the space-time-body relationship in music as a live act — as a shared space in time between bodies for an event that is inherently political. Hiendl earned their Doctorate at Columbia University New York and is currently Assistant Professor at the University Mozarteum Salzburg. They co-founded the festival Music Installations Nuremberg.
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  2. Awards / Stipends

    2022 Ernst von Siemens-Musikstiftung Composition Commission

    2022 Rome Prize of the German Academy Rome

    2021 Styria-Artist-in-Residence

    2020 Ernst von Siemens-Musikstiftung Composition Commission

    2020 Kompositionspreis der Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart (1st prize)

    2016 Johann-Joseph-Fux Opera Composition Prize Graz (1st prize)

  3. Performances

    2023.03 Premiere of Songs for Captured Voices at MaerzMusik 2023 by Elaine Mitchener and Ensemble KNM

    2023.03 White Radiance™ performed at MaerzMusik 2023 by Elaine Mitchener and MAM

    2023.03 tonus performed at Nowy Teatr, PL

    2023.03 String Quartet No. 2 performed by Ensemble Garage at the German Academy Rome

    2022.12 Premiere of «Seht meine Wunden… by Collegium Novum Zürich at the SONIC MATTER Festival

    2022.10 String Quartet No. 2 performed by Ensemble Garage at the Frau Musica Nova Festival Cologne

    2022.10 Premiere of Ray Ray of Light by Cantando Admont at Leechkirche Graz

    2022.04 In Abeyance and String Quartet No. 2 at Radialsystem, Berlin

    2022.03 Songs for Captured Voices performed at Künstlerhaus Wien, AU

    2021.12 String Quartet No. 2 performed by NeoQuartet in Gdańsk, PL

    2021.10 Premiere of In Abeyance by Ensemble KNM at Fahrbereitschaft, Berlin

    2021.09 Excerpt of BERGEN performed at Warsaw Autumn Festival

    2021.05 String Quartet No. 2 premiered at Festiwal Musica Electronica Nova Wrocław by NeoQuartet

    2021.02 Online-Premiere of Songs for Captured Voices at Radialsystem Berlin

    2021.02 Ten Bullets Through One Hole performed at ECLAT Festival Stuttgart

    2020.12 String Quartet No. 1 (Tubular–Mondo) performed by Sonar Quartett in Radialsystem Berlin

    2020.11 Video-Interpretation of Stockhausen's "Musik für ein Haus" by Ensemble KNM for Weiwuying, Taiwan

    2020.10 White Radiance™ premiered at Donaueschinger Musiktage by Elaine Mitchener and MAM

    2020.08 The Body of Work for Ensemble Mosaik, premiered at AckerStadtPalast, Berlin

    2019.11 tonus performed by Ensemble KNM at Gyeongsang National University, Jinju

    2019.10 BERGEN performed at 3hd Festival at HAU2 Berlin

    2019.09 Ten Bullets Through One Hole performed by Cantando Admont at Bruseum Graz

    2019.09 We called it utopia performed by Kwadrofonik at Sacrum Profanum Festival Kraków

    2019.09 BERGEN performed at Bergen Assembly / Parliament of Bodies

    2019.08 OFFSHORE performed at Uferstudios Berlin

    2019.08 BERGEN premiered at Ausufern Festival at Uferstudios Berlin

    2019.05 We called it utopia premiered by Yarn/Wire at DiMenna Center, New York City

    2019.03 Alles beginnt immer jetzt and tonus performed by Ensemble KNM at Uferstudios Berlin

    2019.02 Contretemps/Soliloquy performed by Staatskapelle Weimar

    2019.01 Contretemps/Soliloquy premiered by Zafraan at Ultraschall Festival Berlin

    2018.12 Music for Hotelbars performed by Zafraan Ensemble at Waldorf Astoria Berlin

    2018.09 OFFSHORE Suite performed by Callum G'Froerer at PROGR Bern

    2018.09 still|arriving and microphase performed at Y-E-S Fest at Agora, Berlin

    2018.08 Ten Bullets Through One Hole premiered by M. Schwier and R. Enticknap at Darmstädter Ferienkurse

    2018.05 excyte premiered by Ensemble KNM Berlin at Poesiefestival, Akademie der Künste Berlin

    2018.05 little moments of invisible deaths performed at Spectrum in Brooklyn, New York

    2018.04 tonus performed by Ensemble KNM at Radialsystem Berlin

    2018.04 HighWay performed at Live Arts Week, Bologna

    2018.03 String Quartet No. 1 (Tubular–Mondo) premiered by JACK Quartet at Symphony Space, New York City

    2018.02 OFFSHORE Suite performed by Callum G'Froerer at Unerhörte Musik at BKA Theater Berlin

    2017.12 Alles beginnt immer jetzt premiered by Lester St. Louis at Issue Project Room, New York City

    2017.11 OFFSHORE Suite performed by Callum G'Froerer at Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne

    2017.11 tonus performed by Ensemble KNM at Teatro Colon, Buenos Aires

    2017.10 OFFSHORE Suite performed by Callum G'Froerer at Tura New Music Festival, Perth

    2017.10 OFFSHORE Suite performed by Callum G'Froerer at Flutgraben e.V. Berlin

    2017.08 HighWay performed at Diver Festival Tel Aviv

    2017.05 HighWay performed at FLAM Festival Amsterdam

    2017.05 tonus performed by Ensemble KNM at Festiwal Musica Electronica Nova Wrocław

    2016.12 HighWay premiered at Montag Modus, CHB Berlin

    2016.10 PARADISE premiered at musikprotokoll / steirischer herbst 2016 in Graz

    2016.10 UniSolo performed by Dustin Donahue at the Percussive Arts Society Convention, Indianapolis

    2016.08 i found a space… performed at Darmstädter Ferienkurse

    2016.06 still|arriving performed at Pacific Bodies at Flutgraben e.V. Berlin

    2016.05 Zeichnung (ensemble version) performed by Zafraan Ensemble at Forum Wallis, Leuk

    2016.04 little moments of invisible deaths performed at The Firehouse Space in Brooklyn, New York

    2016.04 Zeichnung (ensemble version) performed by Ensemble Inverspace in Kuala Lumpur

    2016.03 little moments of invisible deaths performed at The Firehouse Space in Brooklyn, New York

    2016.03 Testomania premiered by Ekmeles at DiMenna Center, New York City

    2015.12 Zeichnung performed at the Columbia Composers Electroacoustic Concert, New York

    2015.10 Schichtung performed at Installakcje Festival, Warsaw

    2015.09 Zeichnung (ensemble version) performed by Zafraan Ensemble at Kontraklang, Heimathafen Berlin

    2015.07 Zeichnung at panIKEArth, Berlin

    2015.05 tonus (solo version) premiered by Emmanuelle Bernard at Unerhörte Musik, BKA Theater Berlin

    2015.03 Zeichnung produced with and premiered by Miguel Pérez Iñesta at Cultural Center, Gijon

    2014.11 tonus premiered by Schallfeld Ensemble at Minoritensäle, Graz

    2014.05 Schichtung premiered by Zafraan Ensemble at reinhören Festival Münsterplatz, Basel

    2014.04 UniSolo performed by Alexandre Babel from Ensemble KNM at rbb Galerienwanderung, Berlin

    2013.12 OFFSHORE premiered by the International Contemporary Ensemble at Roulette, New York City

    2013.10 UniSolo premiered by Dustin Donahue at UC San Diego

    2013.03 Portrait concert by the International Contemporary Ensemble at The Kitchen, New York

  4. Curation

    2022.07 Musik Installationen Nuremberg, supported by Kulturstiftung des Bundes, Kulturfonds Bayern and others

    2022.09 Y-E-S Fest 2022 at Uferstudios, Berlin

    2018.09 Y-E-S Fest 2018 at Agora, Berlin. Supported by Musikfonds

    2017.10 Y-E-S collective/score publishing platform, co-founded with Stellan Veloce, Neo Hülcker, Andreas Dzialocha and Kaj Duncan David

    2016.06 Pacific Bodies mini-festival at Flutgraben, Berlin. Supported by inm berlin

    2014.08 The Darmstadt Forum III. The Debt of the Lucky: How to Deal With Funding? Debate at Darmstädter Ferienkurse co-curated with Patricia Martinez

  5. Publications

    2019.08 Die Textur des Lebens. Jennifer Walshe's "Everything is important" published in MusikTexte 162

    2018.11 Jedes Wort ist Musik, published in MusikTexte 159

    2017.08 Sein, wie wir sein wollen. Lose Gedanken zum Gesamtkunstwerk published in MusikTexte 154

    2015/16 editorial work for John Cage/Morton Feldman: Radio Happenings published by MusikTexte Verlag

    2015.10 Welche Objektivität? published in Frankfurt im Takt WS 2015/16

    2015.05 Medienrevolution und Neuer Konzeptualismus published in MusikTexte 145

    2014.08 Ein andauerndes Jetzt. Roger Reynolds im Gespräch, published in MusikTexte 142

  6. Radio

    2021.05 Portrait show at SRF2, Musik unserer Zeit. Listen here

    2021.02 rbb Kultur Beitrag zu Songs for Captured Voices. Listen here

    2021.02 SWR2 Mittagsjournal about the award for Ten Bullets Through One Hole. Listen here

    2020.10 SWR2 Radiokonzert Donaueschinger Musiktage

    2020.10 Interview in SWR2 Treffpunkt Klassik. Listen here

    2019.10 Portrait show at rbb Kultur, Musik der Gegenwart. Listen here

    2016.10 ORF Zeitton on PARADISE. Listen here

  7. Academic Writing

    2020 Dissertation on Queer Composition. Subversive Strategies in Western Classical Music

    2017 Listening Act as Responsible Listening: Looking at Pauline Oliveros’ Sonic Meditations through Speech Act Theory

    2012 Fausto Romitelli: An Index of Metals. A Compositional Analysis

    2011 Traces Through Time. Developments in Edgard Varèse’s Hyperprism, Intégrales and Déserts

    2010 Liberating the signs: John Cage's Concert for Piano and Orcestra

  8. Academic Awards and Stipends

    2021    Columbia University Charles S. Miller Award 
            (distinction of the highest standard in Music Composition)

    2019-20 Dissertation Fellowship Columbia University New York

    2015    Dean’s Fellow Columbia University New York

    2009    Dr. Bernhard Scheuble-Stipendium

    2007    Oscar und Vera Ritter Stiftung

  9. Teaching

    2021    Assistant Professor for Composition at University Mozarteum Salzburg

    2020.S  Music Humanities at Columbia University, New York

    2019.F  Undergraduate Composition at Columbia University, New York

    2016.03 Masterclass at Bilkent University, Ankara

    2009-11 Research Assistant at Warren Recording Studios at UC San Diego

  10. Education

    2020 Columbia University New York. Doctorate in Music Compositionwith George E. Lewis 

    2011 University of California San Diego. Master in Music Composition, with Roger Reynolds

    2009/12 Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts. Diplom in Music Composition, with Beat Furrer

    2007/09 Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts. Vordiplom in Piano and Conducting