Laure M. Hiendl

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    little moments of invisible deaths (2016)
    for 2 pianos and electronics (75 min.)

    ongoing collaboration with Sam Yulsman

    little moments of invisible deaths (LMOID) is a modular environment designed for two pianos and electronics. It allows for compressions of both performed inter-activities and their piano-analogs into drained, striated sound surfaces whose flat ontological arrangements and meanings (musical, personal, or otherwise) can be re-combined, re-imagined, and interpenetrated in and out of time. LMOID is all that coagulated "hey nice to meet you!" mumbo-jumbo with all the nothing afterwards we were always dreaming about—that surface interactivity vibe, we always dreamed of because it was never and so probably always full of nothing else. LMOID is like water surfaces, but also it can move in other moving things with unreal depths/beneath-s: grey-hollow things, or wrapper things, plastic things from a stop-n-shop or the rest stop: those no-no after-alls, like something accumulating/consolidating over and over again. Like talking with someone who you keep thinking doesn’t matter: "hey that’s so great to hear!" but really does because their eyes and talk are full of pre-fab pre-consolidation interest mumbo. LMOID has a score that isn’t read straight or interested or settled or friendly at all. It's all antago-tides in all the times we could remember. You just have to press a key and you’re already there.

    Brooklyn, New York, USA
    March 27th, 2016 | The Firehouse Space